IO2 Training Module on Technological Aspects of Information Security is Ready


The training module is developed according to the previously created curricula and structured in learning modules, according to the various learning scenarios. The created modules are available through developed learning platform ( It includes the technological content in the field of the information security, which will be delivered to the learners. The purpose of the module is to raise trainees’ awareness about security issues and to obtain knowledge and skills for analysis and assessment of information security in computer networks and systems. The learning outcomes are the following:

• understanding basic problems regarding contemporary system security;

• analysis and assessment of security threats and risks;

• development and application of security policy and mechanisms.

The materials cover the defined topics, aiming at introducing the following major issues and related security solutions:

– theoretical basics, like confidentiality, integrity, availability, security policy and mechanisms, risk assessment and management, etc.

– malware, vulnerabilities and threats, like viruses, worms, trojans, spam, spyware, adware, sniffing, spoofing, etc.

– network attacks – DoS, man-in-the middle, buffer overflow, code injection, etc.

– security countermeasures, like antivirus software, firewalls, applied cryptography, intrusion detection and prevention systems, audit software, etc.

– security standards and frameworks (ISO/IEC 2700x, NIST, IEC 62443, etc.)

– social engineering attacks – like phishing, tailgating, infected USB devices